About Susan Lam

My background has always been in customer service - starting off in the hospitality industry. My love of property blossomed in 2001 and in 2003 I began my profession in real estate.

I am constantly learning all there is to real estate and evolving to better serve my clients and provided them with the best options that suit their needs and maximising results.

I am passionate about real estate and it is in my nature to look after people (possibly a Cancerian trait?). To me it makes absolute sense to combine the two and in return, I benefit from a rewarding career of matching people and property.

I am extremely excited about the future of Mi Casa and hope you will come on board and join us on our journey forward.

Some quirky facts...

Nickname: Lambchop, Lammy
Birthplace: King Edward Memorial Hospital
I'm absolutely hopeless at: Shopping
I'm very good at: Avoiding real exercise
Childhood crush: Astro Boy
From my bucket list: To see the Northern Lights and walk with the tortoises at the Galapagos Islands (not at the same time of course!)
My super power: Fantastic sense of smell, but I think that's making up for my sight as I'm blind as a bat...
What I can write a book on: My embarrassing moments! Oh I have so many.
Favourite quote: "Yesterday has gone, tomorrow will never come, live for today".


Susan Lam's Properties

Client Testimonials

"We engaged with Susan recently and I would say she is a reasonable and good communicator. She delivered..."

Mathota - Buyer

Client Testimonials

""Susan was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. She was very professional, always..."


Client Testimonials

"Susan Lam (Mi Casa) was the contact agent for purchase of the property we eventually bought. Susan..."

Ian and Marion - Buyer

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