Barbara Yerkov

Property Specialist

A little about me

Barbara’s connection to the real estate industry goes beyond a professional passion, as she also has a deep personal experience of the way it can change people’s lives and fortunes.

Barbara grew up in Bosnia and Herzegovina around family members working in hospitality and property. When the turbulence of the Bosnian war in 1992 left her family no choice to flee as refugees, Barbara and her family left everything behind and escaped to Germany. Her family eventually came to Australia, and settled in Perth, which has now been her home for the past 20 years. Barbara says she wouldn’t trade the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of her adopted home for anything.

Seeing the way her parents used property investment to build up their home and lives from nothing in a new country, instilled within her a love and passion for pursuing a career in real estate from a very young age. While she was still in high school, Barbara saved money from her part time job flipping burgers to help her father save for the next property purchase. From there, Barbara was hooked. She continued to help her parents develop and sell blocks, before getting into the game herself.

Professionally, Barbara began her career as a receptionist in a real estate agency, before quickly being promoted to a sales role. She then moved to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of WA in the role of Executive Assistant to the Chief Economist and executive team. This role has equipped Barbara with an amazing business understanding as well as the ability to consistently deliver first-class standards of client service with the utmost levels of professionalism.

Her positive, energetic approach and dedication to her clients’ needs, results in her building lasting friendships and business relationships with whomever she has the pleasure of working with. Barbara’s personal and professional experience has also enabled her to be versatile and deal with understanding and compassion with people from all walks of life. She speaks Croatian and still feels a deep connection to her homeland of the Balkans, and loves to help others who have moved internationally to settle into her adopted home.

Barbara’s enthusiasm and wealth of local knowledge sees her approach each day with excitement and focus, and she always goes above and beyond to achieve outstanding results and exceed her customers’ expectations. Her years of experience and excellent reputation within the industry make her the ideal person to ask for advice and trust with the acquisition or sale of your next property.

Currently Barbara lives in Myaree with her husband of 10 years and two gorgeous children, Klara and Gabriel.