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Mi Casa Property Boutique Proudly Supports the People of Bicton Facebook page, where we highlight people in who make up our community. A while back we spoke to Naomi Jones – Owner of ID Clothing .

Naomi Jones - ID Clothing - Business Owner

Why Naomi Started ID Clothing

My husband and I opened the store ten years ago. I had a back condition meaning I had two artificial discs put in my back. It was a really hard time as I was bed-ridden for lots of it and unable to do what I normally would. I decided I wanted to work for myself and I needed a purpose to wake up everyday. My husband and I decided on a clothes store and so I started to learn about it all myself, and we sat in the Melville shopping centre for a few weeks and months then decided this would be a good spot, as well as it being our local.

What is ID Clothing about

The shop’s name is “Id Clothing” and it is a spiritual term for self because I wanted it to be about you when you come into the shop. It is about the fashion but it is more about the person who comes into the shop, and making you feel good about yourself with fashion. I love people and meeting new people which is probably my favourite thing about having the store. Of course living up here and going to school around here, I do know a lot of people and you get to meet a lot of people in the community.

Melville Plaza Community

I love being in the shopping centre up here because it is not so much everyone knowing everyone, but everyone looks out for everyone and keeps an eye on each other. For example, we have an elderly gentleman who comes up everyday and he has some special needs and if he doesn’t come up here we’re all onto it, you know, “where is he? Has anyone seen him?” You know we aren’t related being up here but everyone keeps an eye on everyone and I think that’s a really nice thing. It is also a sense of belonging with the local community and dealing with the issues together, and that’s really lovely.


People of Bicton

Thank you Naomi for taking your time to speak with us. We love having you as part of the community. 

If you, or someone you know is interested in learning more about People of Bicton, or have someone you would like to nominate, then please do not hesitate to contact us here

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People of Bicton - Naomi Jones