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Mi Casa Property Boutique Proudly Supports the People of Bicton Facebook page, where we highlight people in who make up our community. Recently we spoke to Kerryn Woodhouse – Principal Bicton Primary School

Kerryn Woodhouse - Bicton Primary School Principal

How Kerryn came to Bicton

In the middle of last year, my father passed away very suddenly which was extremely difficult for my family. I remember saying to my mum, “you just don’t know what is going to happen,” so his death definitely made me realise you’ve only got one shot. I applied for a range of things and was offered this position, and I love Bicton so far; it is the most beautiful school. The community, everyone coming out and willing to help, and the kids are just so beautiful and beautifully behaved.

I like going into an organisation and assessing where you can make the biggest change. It’s really great coming here where the kids are already coming to school with such amazing abilities, so we have this niche to spend time with them to really enhance their skills not only in the academic world but also social, physical, emotional and how they are going to be citizens in this ever-changing world. Our curriculum becomes really crowded so we need to be innovative in the way that we’re teaching because kids need to be explicitly taught things like English, but once they get those basic understandings we really focus on letting them grow and explore and enquire because that’s what is going to prepare them for the jobs we don’t even know exist yet.

Great things happening at Bicton Primary

We have just been named the recipients of the Science Lab grant where the science lab will be fitted out with a range of different things so it can actually be functioning, and we have $25,000 allowing us to buy resources to support that. We have a community of scientists so we’re really building a relationship with our community and parents who actually work in that industry to be able to support the kids.

What she loves about teaching

One of the most incredible things about teaching is seeing the kids start from a point of progression and then end up at a totally different point at the end of the year. I think people can say “oh you become disconnected from that when you go into administration,” and I think that is a big possibility, so I think one of the things you can do as Principal is to make sure you are still connected to the classroom, still connected to the teachers, because once you lose that it can be very difficult to build those relationships again. I am going into the classrooms and giving support to keep that connection because at the end of the day, I am still a level three classroom teacher so I know I can teach, and when you walk the talk it really helps.

Bicton is a phenomenal school but it’s always important to not get complacent. We can always improve, we can always do something better than we’ve done before, we can always implement change, and I am really excited for the opportunity to work with the staff, the kids, and the Bicton community throughout my time here.


People of Bicton

Thank you Carol for your tireless efforts in giving back to the community. We appreciate all that you do. 

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November 14, 2018

People of Bicton - Kerryn Woodhouse