It starts with WHY!

It’s starts with why…

When I began my first business six and a half years ago, Aussie Orientation Services, I was trying to build the kind of business I would want to work for. and it started with me looking at the why?
Before this I’d done my time at big corporations in a range of roles,  everything from being a Floor Manager with the ABC to a Business Advisor at the Chamber of Commerce in WA.
While there’s many perks and interesting aspects of working for large companies, I found that they lacked a connection to my core values and weren’t flexible when it mattered. Flexibility is very important to me, because at the time I was going back to the corporate world I’d just had my first little girl, Charlotte. She was only four months old when I re-entered the work force.
When the corporate lifestyle wasn’t giving me the balance I needed, I decided to start my own business. With Aussie I wanted to put my own personal values at the center of everything we did. It needed to be about the passionate service of clients, putting people first, and being a flexible and innovative workplace. There was a huge response to this approach within the Aussie business, so when it came to starting Mi Casa Property Boutique I knew these values would remain central to any new
In both Aussie and Mi Casa, it’s not just been about servicing my clients, but also my employees. In
both businesses I have been passionate about empowering the people I work with to achieve in
both their personal and professional lives. I don’t believe success in your career should come at the
cost of your family or friends. This philosophy has led to 90% of the Mi Casa work force being
women, particularly working mothers.
Just as I found it difficult to readjust to working for a big company after I had children, so did many
of my employees. In tailoring my business to be flexible and family friendly, the parents who now
work for me see it as a way of continuing their professional success without sacrificing their new
priorities- their kids.
Community and charity are also values I hold very close to my heart,
and ensure we put into practice at Mi Casa Property Boutique. With
every successful sale and property leased, Mi Casa donates up to
$500 to one of our selected charities. We also host public seminars
and information nights to make sure that we’re keeping our
community in the loop of what’s going on in the world of real estate,
parenting and finance.
We’re showing big business how it’s done, by making small business
lead the way in flexibility and community.
Owner, Director, Board Member,Community.


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It starts with WHY!