Six Months FREE Property Management

If you refinance with Orange Finance today, you will receive 6 months of your property management for FREE!

Who is this offer for?
♥ Are you unhappy with your current property management agent and really would like to switch, but to do so would leave you with a substantial break cost? This could be the option for you.
♥ Are you near the end of your property management term and looking to save on management fees? This is a great time to switch!
♥ Are you an existing client of Mi Casa and looking to save some costs? How about 6 months of no management fees?
What are the benefits?
Other than receiving 6 months of free property management for free, the actual benefit to refinance at the moment is significant.
You could save nearly $3000 in the first year of the refinance if you take us up on our offer today. 
How can you claim this promotion?
Call us today on 0403 124 699 or email for more information.

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Mi Casa's Sue Pember and Orange Finance's Laszlo Szollosi present this great offer to you
On the couch with Laz and Sue ... Why should you refinance?
6 months free property management