Press Release 28/02/12

Mi Casa Pays It Forward.


Mi Casa Property Boutique is a residential sales and property management agency.

The name is from the saying "mi casa es su casa" which, translated from Spanish, means "my house is your house".

The three Directors put heart and soul back into the property business, driving it with high customer service values and connection with the community.


Possibly their most important role in giving back to the community is their financial and ethical support of three Charities.


At a recent Mi Casa Business Networking event, Sue Pember, a Director of Mi Casa, stepped into the spotlight to explain how she visited Basil Hanna, the CEO of Parkerville Children and Youth Care to learn more about their work.

After hearing stories of the abhorrent treatment that children endure, Sue advocated for this to become one of their charities and is now a Board Member for Parkerville Children and Youth Care.


In Sue's brief but inspiring introduction of Basil Hanna, I saw her passion and feelings of concern for those children.

All of the Mi Casa team are 100% behind Sue and the other Charities.


Basil Hanna spoke about Parkerville Children and Youth Care and it's reason for being.

His words were about childhood being a sacred time of safety and well-being, where it's the adults responsibility to protect a child from pain.


This is not a reality for some children who become abused.

Children in care at Parkerville have been subjected to mistreatment in the form of sexual, physical or emotional abuse or alternatively, neglect that was so severe that the Department for Child Protection have removed them from their families.


Most parents do the best they can for their children but some cannot meet their children's most basic needs.

Neglected children starve because their parents don't feed them, they freeze when left without warm clothing, and left alone, they perish in fires.


Emotionally neglected children fail to develop properly.

Physically abused children are - kicked, beaten, burnt, thrown against walls and radiators, strangled, suffocated, sexually molested and even burnt alive.

They are humiliated and terrorised by the people who are meant to nurture them.


Thank God there are people in the world such as the Directors of Mi Casa, Sue Pember, Susan Lam and Renee Jefferys.

These women describe their activity as giving back to the Community, but they are doing so much more.

They are saving and changing lives, giving hope to those whose hope was lost and they are giving children back some of that sacred time of safety, well-being and protection from pain.


I can't help but detect a hint of "Mi casa es su casa"

or should it be "Nosotros lo Nutremos" - We Nurture You.

Kudos and respect to Mi Casa Property Boutique.


Artical presented at The Table Business Networking Group on the 28th Februrary 2017