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Go Green on the Green for St Pats - MARCH 2016

Saint Patrick's day was so much fun at the Fremantle Bowling Club!   Mi Casa Property Boutique was a major sponsor of the evening and the Mi Casa girls joined the Fremantle Business Community and raise vital funds for St. Patrick's Community Support Centre (one of our chosen charities).   We may not have been the best lawn bowlers but we got to try Kangaroo and Crocodile and we were presented with the 'Most Flambouyant' trophy which sits proudly on the micasa book shelf (straight to the trophy room).          

Friend Raiser - FEBRUARY 2016

Director, Sue Pember opened her home and invited friends to join the Mi Casa team for an intimate evening of networking and community education featuring a special presentation from  Basil Hanna the CEO of Parkerville Children & Youth Care one of our Look Forward; Give Back beneficiaries.     Basil shared with us the incredible work they are doing in the child abuse and neglect space in Western Australia.   It was a very moving evening, what a very special charity.   Read more about our Look Forward; Give Back program here      

Parky Day at Perth Glory - JANUARY 2016

Shaking Cans for Parkerville Children and Youth   It was a great day at the Perth Glory.  We spent time shaing cans and raising money to help build awareness for Parkerville Children and Youth.   When the hard work was done we were able to sit and enjoy the game.   Debs kids, Callan and Jacie were selcted to go on the field before the game and run a player out each.  They were very excited!  

Proposed Zone Changes - JANUARY 2016

Mi Casa Hosted a Free Community Seminar Speaker: Martin Spencer - City of Melville Senior Strategic Urban Planner  We invited the locals to our office in Bicton to hear how The City of Melville has been working with the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) to prepare a new Local Planning Scheme No.6 for Bicton, Attadale and Palmyra home owners which will help to provide a greater housing choice, more affordable housing and some development opportunities. We allowed local home owners the opportunity to find out about how to sub divide, the costs and time frames associated with this.   Missed out on this seminar and would like to know more about this re-zoning?  Please contact us to find out more!      

Christmas Wrapping for St Pats - DECEMBER 2015

This was a really special day for the girls at Mi Casa Property Boutique and some of our friends.   We spent the day at St Patricks seperating food donations evenly and fairly into shoe boxes and carefully wrapping them with a Christmas spirit for the homeless.   We left having a really warm feeling and only wished we could see the faces of the receivers on Christmas Day.   Love being there for our chosen charities.  

Maggie Dent Seminar - NOVEMBER 2015

Mi Casa created Magic Moments with Maggie Dent! Mi Casa Property Boutique gave away FREE TICKETS to a MAGGIE DENT Seminar held at the East Fremantle Yacht Club.  It was a huge success and we would like to thank our sponsors:   Orange Finance, Orion Law, Begin Bright and The Playgound Rockingham.       A bit about the semiar:   Magic Moments - In this thought-provoking presentation, parenting author, educator and resilience specialist Maggie Dent will explore the art of living with intent and purpose in a way that builds optimism and enthusiasm. Research now shows how our genes change in response to their environment and that we exist in fields of information called “morphic fields”, which influence how we behave. In this session, Maggie will help you to reflect on what you are doing to build experiences that nurture you at the same time as building your health and wellbeing on all levels. Learn how to create magic moments that wil...